Meet Kelly



I’m Kelly, aka E. Kelly O’Neal, which is where the eko in ekovisions originates. I am a photographer who creates soothing landscapes through camera movement. I’ve been around since the 70s, proud member of Gen X, and had a few careers before becoming a full-time artist, first as an aspiring Geographer (it’s a thing), test-prep instructor, market research consultant, and ice cream oracle. My adorable goldendoodle, Teddy Bear, and I call Burlington, Vermont home. 


As a hard-core introvert, nature photography has always provided an avenue for me to escape from too much peopling. It’s also a fantastic way for me to get out of my head (professional over-thinker, hi) and focus on what is in front of me. Nearly every day Teddy and I will go and shoot the sunset—my favorite subject. I’m most definitely a night owl, so you’re not going to find but a few sunrises in my collection. They happen so early in the morning, y’all.

Long before I was a photographer I was a nerd. Still the weirdo that loves Excel spreadsheets, reads psychology books for fun, and will fight you over the Oxford Comma. I’m a total foodie, who hates to cook and is harboring mild obsessions with pizza, dark chocolate, and ice cream. Completely Team Summer. I adore being in and on the water—kayaking, sailing, scuba diving, swimming, playing at the beach with Teddy, chilling in a large inflatable ducky—I’m up for it all.