My Top 10 Bestsellers: Your Favorite Sunset & Beach Abstract Photos

I have a wide selection of images, which is great but can sometimes be overwhelming. If you need a little help deciding on which is perfect (for you or as a gift), here are my bestsellers. It's a short list of my most popular images, and you pretty much can't go wrong here: 

#10: Meander 

Meander is a wandering beach scene from Cape Cod, near Provincetown. She pairs well with Oceanic and Sandbar for a Diptych or Triptych in a soothing beachhouse feel 

 serene beach photo of a light silvery blue in a simple white float frame

#9: Breathe

A perennial favorite, Breathe has stood the test of time in my portfolio for years. She's a beautiful, simple sunset with blue skies in Burlington, VT, with the Adirnodack Mountains providing structural formations for the reds and yellow of the sunset. 

bright living room with yellow pillows and an abstract sunset photo of blue, yellow, and red


#8: Aspire

Aspire is a lovely, nearly metallic sunset on the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont. Very calm waters reflect the myriad of colors from this sunset, including a deep blue from the sky. This is a very sophisticated palette of colors for a sunset. 

moody abstract sunset photo with orange, magenta, navy hues on blue wall with two red-orange chairs in front

#7: Oceanic 

Truly capturing waves crashing on the shore, Oceanic is perfect for those who love the sea. Can be paired with Sandbar or Meander for a set

minimalist scene with abstract ocean photo with blue, navy, sand cape cod


#6: Limitless 

A vertical sunset over First Encounter Beach in Eastham, Massachusetts, overlooking Cape Cod Bay. The tides go out far here, creating these stunning layers of sand and water and ripples that reflect the light differently and allow me to create these complex sunset images using my signature camera movement. 

 vertical abstract sunset photo with light blue, orange, and black layers meandering in the foreground


# 5: Relax

Relax is one of those images where its name came to me quickly, because it is such a restorative & simple, but colorful sunset. I created this one on the shores of Lake Champlain in Burlington, VT. She is becoming more popular over time, too. 

spacious room with soothing blue and orange sunset abstract created through icm


#4: Getaway

Getaway is the perfect beachy scene to long for; it's like a soothing tropical vacation that you can imagine clearly while standing in your living room. If you like Getaway but you need something horizontal, check out Playa

tablescape with abstract beach photo above including teal water blue skies and waves on sandy shore


#3: Triumph

There was a series of sunsets in early November, 2020 in Burlington, Vermont that was simply spectacular. It was 4-5 days of the most dramatic sunsets you've ever seen, all stacked up in a row which is definitely not how they normally occur. I promise you, it looked like this.

ultra modern living room with bold sunset photo featuring violet & magenta hues reflecting on lake champlain


# 2: Celebrate 

Also part of the banger run of sunsets in November 2020, this was absolutely looked like a party in the sky and has become one of my most popular images. Thankful that world events coincided to help me name these two so well. If she's a little too dramatic for you, check out Tranquility, which is a similar feel but softer. 

lounge chair with colorful playful sunset with colors dancing in sky including pink yellow and purple


# 1: Spacious 

Created on the same evening as Limitless, Spacious has been super popular since she debuted. The layers of sand & shallows during low tide on Cape Cod Bay create these spectacular fields of color that are one of my favorite things to capture with my camera, when the low tides coincide with sunset. She's from First Encounter Beach near Eastham (on the inner forearm of the Cape, #iykyk). 

dark cozy living room with sunset decor photo browns and oranges in horizontal lines dominate from cape cod

If you love Spacious but want similar choices, do check out the Vertical Limitless, and Expanse, which is a similar horizontal composition but from a different point in the evening where the colors were more pink than orange. 


If your favorite didn't make this list, don't stress! The list changes constantly, and your favorite may be a sleeper, or next year's bestseller. You may be the trendsetter that discovers a diamond that just hasn't had her time in the sun yet. Fun fact: there's a large, gorgeous photo hanging on my wall at home that brings me joy every day and that I know has never sold. It's stunning. She impresses me daily. Artwork is very personal, and it's OK if the one you adore is different. You do you.